Shaitan, the Antichristto Everyone

Tragnarion: Look here boy, if you opened your eyes you'd realize that I spend most of my time in council chambers or void. Has nothign to do with you being on. The void is pretty damn safe, its true, but my council chambers are no different than yours or parrius's or your guild or any other location. I have noticed that whenever I'm on, you rarely venture out of your guild. And speaking of hiding, I remember a certain incident with Yossarian when the instant he logged on, you wnet and pissed yourself in yoru god-marked bedroom despite numerous taunts from him. If you want to fight so badly, leave your guild and come fetch me pup.

Anikan: I'm sure you WOULD rather have macros around, as he is nicer than I am and won't ship every time he sees your pathetic little behind toddling around avalon.

Gwereth: oh ye of little and fluid loyalty, no one \"brings me along\" for an attack. I came and killed you because you are a traitor and you are a piece of parrian trash (those are fairly redundant words I suppose).

To aslan: We don't need to fall back on honor etc. However, if you claim to have honour, I'd guess you better act like it huh? All I see you doing is acting like me, which makes you just as evil as me.