Dalamar Spiritmasterto Maeve the Royal Irish Ranger

The point I am making is that many of the scoring points of the game come from violent activities - Killing Sarval for his amulet, Killing the goblin for his sceptre, Killing the shaman for his staff, Killing Durgash for his bounty, Killing Shargul for his bounty. These options are open to you, whereas they are not open to me. I prefer by far being a pacifist, but I also believe there is an imbalance that has to be rectified. The way I suggest it be rectified is by giving them original, personal skills which can be put to some personal use as well as the use of others. I personally don't enjoy playing handmaid to a warrior as he goes round bashing things, he gets the exp for killing things and I dont get any for healing him, and with the current skill system, I don't even have that, as every guild has its own way of healing itself in double quick time. Who needs a healer when you can heal yourself?

Dalamar Spiritmaster