Jesus you know how to wind people up dont you?!

Aslan, Lion of Parriusto Prudence


Firstly i would like to point out that, today, as fasr as I was concerned at the time, it was only me and Enth after you (which can hardly be considered unfair as you have much superior skills to both of us). When I met up with the rest of the people you have mentioned you were already dead. You then set loads of traps around us while you were still protected and ran away.

I did not run away when Shaitan came on. I went to talk to one of my more foolish neww guild members who wanted to attack you. I did this in my guild for two reasons, 1> When i am preoccupied and vulnerable seems to be your favourite time to attack me and 2> That was where this particular person happened to be.

It astonishes me that whilst declaring proudly that you are evil you still spend so much time protesting your innocence and how badly you are treated...

Incidentally, I died by Shaitan's hand for your death and I never