City Enemy

Isildur, Yes I have a problem with this, I took nothing from any novice, It would have been unfair to do so, i remember only too well what it is like down the bottom. My argument was with Sirrus, He is guildmaster of the Brigands, they are enemies of my guild, and following comments of his a while back I have always endevoured to teach him some respect. Therefore i pilfered one item from him, just ONE. This was then sold back to him. At the time I stole from him he was in conversation with a Novice ranger, And he only realised his ring had been stolen when he tried to show it off. I did not at any time touch a novice of your city, and have no intention of doing so, this was an interguild matter and should not have escalated to city level.

Cimares, The Shadow Walker.