Lag... true lag that is

Sir Kailess Eldreth, Knight of the Dawnto Everyone

I just want to put straight lag and the type o stuff we americans have to put up with. I don't think some understand what it is like on Saturday nights during quests. At one point i was like 15 screens or so behind on commands. Time wise tat added up to 5 minutes on commands to about 8 minutes. I am not making excuses or anything. I was killed a few times I was able to keep my link and thats fine... I would just like to let the gods(Genesis really) what we americans mean by saying we have lag. Hell, I would love to only have a 5 seond lag on saturday nights during quests..... you all would have to then <g> So, if it possible to schedule the quests later or on another day that would be great..... if not... hopefully we will be luckier with lag the next time Kailess