Bounty Hunters

Sir Anikan, Knight of Parriusto Everyone

Hello Avalon, I would like to address a few bb's to me. First Isaac, The reason I attack you Isaac is One you kill young Parrians, and two you offten find it amusing to taunt me. Being the rather sensative type,naturaly my feelings are hurt so I wanna repay you,and the most statisfing way to do that is removing you head from your shoulders. SEcondly, it has come to my attention that A couple different bountys have been put on my head. Im not sure why as Im a very personable fellow. These bounties seem to involve large rewards from both players and offers from a more powerful source. Yesterday Prudence and Imzadi together assumed the mantels of bounty hunters and attacked me in tandem in my own city and then in a climactic battle that ended in the Parrian council chambers!!!! After the red mist cleared from what had been the bodies of Prudence and Imzadi, I sadly shook my head and pondered the evil greet that had sent these two friends agaist me.<----greed that is) A Warning to bounty hunters ,I seem to h

ve made my bed so I intend to lie in it (accept the consequeses of my actions). but anyone attacking me In the Parrian council chambers will be made enemie of Parrius. So I guess over the next few weeks I will see who my real friends are. And bounty hunters... becareful... dont lose your head!!!!!!!!! P. S. Isaac does this mean our wedding is off!!!!!!