BB 6577/78

Foreignerto Nostradamus, god of darkness

On the advice of someone I trust and respect, I hereby offer a public apology to Nostradamus for criticizing His actions. I realised a little too late that a mortal and an insignificant one at that has no right to such an outburst. To The Diabolus, my apologies for implying you were a disease... I only meant that you had some part to play in Nostradamus's desire to rule the dark as you are master of all evil.

Living under a God's disfavour is harsh as I am new and I cannot take the medicine I deserve, so I ask that Nostradamus no longer disfavour me. If it is not His decision to do so, then I will attempt to live with it.

Lastly, a final farewell to Nostradamus, He who once ruled the light in the darkness... I have enjoyed my time under your patronage, may your rule be wise.