Thakria, the Seers and Yourself

Foreignerto Nostradamus, god of darkness

With all due respect to you, my patron I feel I need to do this. When I discovered your new realm and your new priorities I didn't know what to expect from the \"new\" Nostradamus. What I have been ordered to do on this day both shames and angers me as the patron I respect and love and who once existed would never have asked these things of His order.

I feel your plans for Thakria to become powerful are fair enough but your methods... asking followers to go out and randomly kill on your orders are despicable. Today I being ordered by you to change my alignment to evil before talking to you again killed a child, an old lady and even a friend! This might not mean much to many of you but it sure as heck means damn a lot to mean. You ruin Thakria and you ruin the Seers. All those who are out there killing for you might enjoy this now... but let me tell you this - one day you will regret your actions as I regret them now.

I am left with little choice I think, I left a God to follow you for Thakria and the Seers! I believed in and trusted you and you have betrayed that trust. I leave this city and this guild with a heavy heart. I cannot live in the new Thakria under the new Nostradamus. And to you my patron, I hope that whatever disease that the Diabolus has infected you with soon passes