Nostradamus, god of darknessto Everyone

I have today ripped the stars from the skies, and cast aside my realm forever. Nostradamus, god of the stars is no more. I have chosen to espouse a new and more powerful realm; that of Darkness.

I will suffer no more fools, no more incompetence, no more disloyalty. Those who screw me around will perish. My city, Thakria, my guilds, centrally the Seers, I will build until they have the power to crush Mercinae, Parrius, and the followers of light, time, fate and life. I have made a pact with my brother, The Diabolus, and together we will unite the forces of Evil and Darkness as never before in the history of Avalon. And none will stand in our way.

Followers of mine, be warned, I will be deciding on your futures now. Stand with me, and seize glory, or stand against me forever. I will suffer no compramise.

Nostradamus, god of darkness.