Your attacks

I understand why you went berserk and killed everyone. I offten feel frustrated when I get killed. I agree with Ender that you have a couple options......... One: you can keep on playing as you are which seems to upset you as well as the unfortunate players who incur your wrath..... Two: you can quit playing avalon..... (dont do it) Three: YOu can take some time out to learn the complex arrt of fighting on avalon I find it sad that no knights will help you... I think perhaps you should find a Patron who will help guide you, and a few fellow players as well. It is very easy to get frustrated I know... My short time on Avalon has been spent battling sorcerers for the most part and after many battles against shaitan and crowly have taught me many things... and that is only one guild..... i still have to learn to fight all the others. The meager fighting techniques I have developed have come from me battling and dying repeatatly, and the most divine guidence of my patron. You get frustrated and rush in after you

ie once, and keep dying and frustrating yourself. After a death , sit back read the log, think of ways to improve. I having been attacked by you in your frenzy forgive you for the assult and still consider you a friend and ally. I will help you in anyway I can, all you need do is ask. Anikan