Ranger Ender, follower of fateto Everyone

Well, I'm sure most of you will know by now, Conan flipped again . He killed several people, including some newbies, so, after he was killed a bit, he was turned to stone. Anyhow, this BB posting isn't to be nasty it is to try to explain why.

Conan feels that he cant fight, he my well be right, I can kill him, and I cant fight. He cant deal with defeat, so he feels he has to prove himself. And tries to kill anyone who is on at the time. He cant do this because as soon as one person dies, everyone joins in and kills him.

He has quit his guild and quit Parrius. I dont feel that he is nasty though he may seem that way, he is just trying to hard. So..... He must either learn to fight, or, give up. He cant do the latter as he gets attacked. He has told me that no knights will teach him and that no gods will teach him. I dont know what the solution is, but I hope there is one soon. This madness can't go on.

Ender, follower of fate.