My status in Mercinae.

Mage Lord Tragnarionto Everyone

Dear Avalonians,

Mercinae had fallen into dark times a while ago. The war with Parrius, our friends, did little to improve our image.

I was releived from my status of Baron by my patron. I have been demoted and I have been told of by the largest force in Avalon.


I have resumed my position as a Baron of Mercinea and am now trying to become the Prince. My mission is this;

I shall make the name of Mercinae glorious again. It shall be sung from every tavern, by every bard. It shall be flowing in the wind like a sothing cape for good and a terrifying power against evil.

I am not beaten, and I never will be. For if I am struck down, I shall rise to strike harder!

Mage Lord Tragnarion