Mercinae's Fine.

Orthwein, the god of fateto Everyone

I, as Patron of Parrius, wish to thank Genesis for finally ending this childish prank. As far as the 100,000 gold pieces go, these will be distributed amongst Parrian citizens. Every loyal Parrian has a right to 1000 gold pieces. Also, the younger and more needy ones should feel free to ask the barons for gold, should they find themselves in any financial difficulties. A warning however, to those Mercinaens and Thakrians who might feel a touch of oppurtunism. I will NOT be pleased if I find any evidence of feigned loyalty to Parrius. All Parrian citizens should approach any of the barons and ask for their hardship funds. Should there be any problems at all, matters will be referred to me. Never let it be said that Parrius does not care for its own.