The fight

With all due respect. I have to disagree. I am not calling anyone a liar but I was alone in fighting timotei the whoile time. IU have it logged. if you know how to pull it off my harddrive to yours you are welcome to peruse it. I realize that Tavon was in fact in the room where we were fighting but he never lost protection while i was fihghting timotei alone. he did in fact start attacking shaitan wonce i was already slain by both tinmotei and shaitan together... seeing as timotei can not take me himself he had to have shaitan there. Like i said... no disrespect intended. Maybe you were seeing things or something out of concern for your citizens.

Shaitan, I am a bug huh?... I am a bug you are growing increasingly afraid of. I get a bit harder to kill aboiut everytime we fight and that really a point when he can start collecting... chuckle... sure... kill me some more Shaitan... at this point in time I have friends... soon i will not have to rely soly on them to dispose of you. But be afraif Shaitan... very afraid hide in your little dark cell of demons. They are the only w world who have any liking for you, the only ones that you have any control over. Enjoy it while it lasts.