Farewell... for now

Derillion, Star Weaverto Everyone

Greetings all... This is my final message on the bulletin board. I have been transferred back to the United States to attend school. I will be out of the Avalon loop for about 4-6 months. But do not fear, as soon as i obtain an internet c nnection I will be back.

I have had an enjoyable time in this land and have met many new and interesting people. I would like to offer my thanks and appreciation to a few people who helped me out in this strange world.  Snowlock, as the first person I had contact w th in this world and as the one who I constantly berraged with questions, a whole-hearted thank you. You taught me much about life and living.  This knowledge I will remember always and will use for an eternity.   I hope to return with the same ferosi y that you taught me from day one. You have shown me the blueprints for life here and I only hope I can return and build myself to the character that you have become.

To Blodwyn, my guildmistress, and mentor, I leave here and offer you my complete admiration and adoration. You have shown me the way to survive in this land and have given me the moral fibers that make me who I am today. I have aspired to e close to your greatness in everything I do. You took me under your wing from my first days in this world and lead me down the path to fulfillment.

I look forward to the day when I can walk among my friends and battle with my enemies once again. Until that time, remember me in your songs and speak of me in your stories. Most of all keep me in your thoughts for I shall return.


Derillion, Star Weaver, for Periam, for Thakria, for Nostradamus