Dalamar the Healerto Everyone

It seems that Helkarakse is right, learning is too slow, but we can't afford to have lots of pepople on Master level at their skills who have learned for a short period of time, taking advantage of a generous learning algorithm. What is needed is a way to EARN ones' skill points without having to watch the same messages scroll by endlessly. Ideally, read the Celedhil help texts : It says that within Celedhil the benefits from lessons are multiplied tenfold. There is therefore a way to earn one's skill rank, find someone who will teach you, get a group of sccholarly people together to complete the quest and learn there. All I want to know is - Is Celedhil coded (Ie the bridges can be built and learning IS much better there) and does the learning being much better bit work with mobiles as well as other players?

Dalamar Spiritmaster.