the little slime of a thief that i killed and feebled stole a very large sum of momey and equipment from a squire. I tld him to give it back nad and he would not... so I had to make it so that this squire that Kesrick stole from had some equipment so since kesrick thought it was fun to steal i thought I would show him just how fun it is on the other side of things..... later on kesrick got all his stuff back as well as my squire... I doubt kesrick told you that. I hate thieves cimares... in fact i hated them all very much until you stole just one item from me instead of my whole inventory... so i gotta say I kinda like you when it comes to thieves... but any thieves that have an attitude much different from yours when it comes to stealing is going to get what kesrick did. Kesrick was warned p. s. Kesrick has 400 hitpoints less than me..... not that hp's matter too much it is all skills and how you use them

Kailess, Sword Arm of Apollo