Karesse, Man's Best Friendto Sirrus the Stealthy

Sirrus, I think that would be a bad idea, The idea of the Ordination is that it is the final achievment in the world, to finally shake of your mortal coil, and take your place amongst the gods. To do this is done by winning the gems, the idea i guess is that every step you win you get more and more powers to use in the final conflict. How boring would that be if in the end, new weaker players like myself, suddenly had great powers thrown upon them, without the chance of using and learning there limits and defences in normal Avalon life.

If this is what the gods intended, then they may as well just give us all master powers from the start.

I think the whole concept of the ordination is excellent, It gives me something to strive for, and although I won't be in this one, I intend to make my mark later on.

Karesse, I've got to lose this poxy suffix.