Yeah i admit, i stole that silver. Hey ive stolen a hell of a lot more than 21 from tyour guild over the months. And used it all back on sorcerors demons.

This may seem a wrong thig for me to be doing to most of you people. But i have saved quite a few lives because of this. Shaitan was leading poeple into his stave and kkilling them, and if i die, fair enough. I will die many times. But still, i know i have saved lives because of this, thats good enough for me.

You people who kept getting pulled into him and kiled like that know who you are, and now know why he suddenly stopped. If any of you wish to battle with me, i would be honoured, and pleased.

If you people dont want to fight alongside me, ok fair enough, but are you going to let the evil of the sorcerers corrupt avalon? If you dont care, then maybe you should join them, if you do care, do something about it. Show the sorcerers we aint going to stand for it.

You all have your own minds and views, do as you please. Cardodius.....