I also remember it well Orthwein, though the attack happened in my abscence But alas Parrius is no longer the city that it once was, let us look at the saviours of which you spoke; Garet - absent, Nalek - gone, Tarakin - departed and finally Zollrender, now of Thakria. Instead Parrius has fallen under the influence of the spirit of he who invaded Mercinae in the first place namely yourself. When I pledged my gratitude to Parrius I said I would aid her in time of need. Alas that time is now, for she is ill from a cancer that threatens to consume her from within. Never would the Parrius of old have allied with Goblin Town, never would the Parrius of old have selfishly invaded villages just for their comodities. This war is to bring back the Parrius of old, and to restore her to her former Glory.

Isildur, Prince of Mercinae.