Isildur, since you have addressed your post to me, you have forced me to answer you in person. I cannot believe your hypocrisy, perhaps you need a lesson in history, which I will be more than willing to give you. Let me remind you, of a time, a time not so long ago. Thakria was the only power in Avalon, and was slowly but steadily buying troops, to invade Mercinae. This culminated in the Invasion of Mercinae, an event which most of you are awareof, having read it in the manual. That however cannot possibly convey the full extent of what happened. I REMEMBER Isildur, how Mercinae was deserted by its Patron, how the barons, of which you were chief, logged on, shrugged, and logged out again. Who defended Mercinae in its hour of need? I remember, I was there remember. Zollrender, under the guidance of Genesis, became the sole Mercinaen baron, who else? Garet, Nalek, Tarakin. Parrians, who had decided in the end that they will never be able to let the city of Justice fall, who spent 250,000 gold pieces on troops

to save Mercinae, have you forgotten all this? I also remember you, on your return, declaring your undying debt to Parrius, and how grateful you were to all the Parrians. Where has all this gone now? I cannot but be surprised at the speed with which you had forgotten what you owe Parrius. I cannot blame the other barons, since most are young and do not remember these events clearly. You do though, you bring shame on the concept of Justice.