The end of the Long Night

Orophin the seerto Everyone

Greetings one and all. Tonight it fell upon the loyal members of my order, that of the Sun and Moon, to travel far beyond the realm of Avalon and cast down the demon that dwelt in the heavens to weave her black web across the sky. This was no simple deed, requiring as it did the defeat of the Sorcerer Pallando and great bravery on the part of all involved. It was only through the actions of Jylandyl of the Loremasters, Barons Kobyashi and Galahad of Mycenae and the Baron Davros of Thebes that the terrible demon was defeated, and to them all the good people of the land owe their thanks. It falls to the members of the order to remain vigilant and prevent the Cultists of Pallando ever suceeding in their foul objectives again. Orophin, seer and friend of the Sun and Moon.