Loremaster Growlerto Everyone
    Well there is a time when all things must come to an end. no matter how enjoyable they have been. but at the moment A levels and a cash shortage have seen fit to deprive myself of this modem... oi may be  back in the future. That point i hope is true but for now i wish all you happy avalonians a good and prosperous time. May your cups be always full and your lives full of adventure... I depart this land  awaiting the next time we will seek each others fame and tales.    I ve had a merry time here and im sure you all will continue to
 have one when i am gone... Farewell Avalonians  and Bonn Chance!      Growler, the ex loremaster and ex player...    ps mebbe ill turn up at the meets   youll never know... laugh.                            Wavey