Anonymous letter

Cuchulain, the Hound of Ulsterto Everyone

Someone recently sent me a letter with 2 empty bottles contained therein. In order that I can pay this person the 100gp they are entitled to for the bottles, might I suggest they msg me and let me know who they are, (and I don't want lots of false claims!) and next time put their name on the said letter.

For those who don't know, I operate a mail order service. Send me an empty bottle and you'll get 50gp for it, or a bottle and 50gp and you can get a refill of your choice. Runes and rings also available - rings for 300gp (250 charges of a spell of your choice) and runes for 75gp.

My PC has been nicked by one of the outstanding citizens of Leeds so I am not on as much as I'd like at the moment so there may be a slight delay in requests etc.

Cuchulain, of the Mercinaen victim support scheme.