The Animist shop

I think one of the reasons that the animist shop is virtually (not totally) inpenetratable is that we cannot protect it in the same way the rest of you can. i. e. if seth (for example) were to rip off our stock, then we cannot and would not hunt him down, kill him, and generally try and make his life as miserable as possible.

A second point is that the animist shop is a public service. The receipts from the shop were used to fund a garden, so we could continue to supply all herbs to Avalon. We do not use the shop for personal gain in any way. In the case of some rare herbs, the animist shop is the only source, since the only safe place they can be grown is in the Garden. If the shop were to be able to be robbed easily, then everyone would suffer. What i mean is, everyone needs healing herbs - not everyone uses poisons

I hope that the animist shop is not made as vulnerable as others. We would not stop helping people, but it might become a lot harder...

Marianne, a dedicated animist