Some stuff or Do inalienable rights exist in avalon?

First off, Fiorella, I have never attacked an animist and was, in fact, fairly offended by your post. Perhaps I will have to reconsider this policy.

Now allanon, you seem to be implying that being an animist somehow carries some sort of inalienable right to be left alone along with it. This is an interesting theory you have so I thought I'd check it out. I flipped through the manual, talked to some experts (there was this ex-loremaster in corionia that was quite knowledgeable on the subject), bribed some officials... you know, the usual stuff. So anyhow, what I discovered is that, lo and behold, there ARE no rights associated with ANY guild on avalon. Or, rather, you can claim any right you'd like, but if you can't back it up, it is fairly worthless isn't it? (just like in real life!)

Well Judge Ito, I'd just like to conclude my arguments my saying NI! Ni! Ni!

Shaitan, the Mad Sorcerer