The idea of your defences Conteck is not so you can get them all up, and sit there all smug while the top players try their best attacks against you and fail, but rather to give you thinking time to react in a battle situation. Before you can be attacked, most of your defences need to be dismantled, denying your foes the ability to do this is just as unfair to them as you not having them at all is to you. The general idea is to react when someone comes along and starts scathing your auras and barriers, normally by running away, or if you are feeling really cunning, incapacitate them with your own abilities.

I am afraid that even animists have to learn to act under pressure just like the rest of us, if you don't want to fight... It is simple... Do not play or stay protected, or die lots. As far as abilities go, the scales are tipped well in your favour for defending and evading, and even slaying if you chose to, so being killed is only a result of your foe being much better at playing Avalon than you are, regardless of abilities or tweaks.

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