Seeing Stone

Derillion, Star Weaverto Everyone

I think a few people need a further explanation concerning seeing stones. The Seeing stone is one of the tools employed by the profession of the mystic. This includes Seers, Astrologers and the new Mystic guild. Each guild has one or more of it's own seeing stones to use as they see fit. Aside from the guild stones, there is the Ancient Palantir of G'harren. This Master Stone, if you wish to call it, is presently in the possession of Nostradamus, god of the stars. It is the oldest of all stones and, by far, the strongest. This stone is NOT owned by the seers. It is not owned by the Astrologers, or even the Mystics. It is owned by no one other than the god of the stars. Currently, the only connection this stone has to the seers is that a seer's influence is imprinted upon this stone. Hence, why you See my face when you diagnosis a location. As High Priest of Nostradamus, I hold influence over the Acient Palantir of G'Harren and it is my duty to expand and protect it's influence. Until such times as I am no

longer High Priest to the god of the stars, my imprint will remain upon this mighty stone. It is this stone that control many others and many locations. This stone is Not in connection with the seers. If an Astroloiger or a Mystic were the High Priest, I would assume he or she would then control the stone. This was seen when Vanion was High Priest before me. But until someone else holds the position, you will continue to see my face.