The Mystics

Isildur, Spellsinger of Mercinaeto Everyone

Mercinae does not wish to fall under the influence of the Nostradamus, or his seeing stone. For this reason the peoples of Mercinae, and her chosen Patron created a new guild, The Mystics. The Mystics are currently regaining control of the locations in the city that are bonded to your stone.

I wish to make it quite clear you interfering with this is not protecting the influence of your Patron. It is an attempt to control Mercinae by another city and will be considered an act of aggression.

Thus far we have been quite restrained in our actions upon you with regards to your repeated attempts to deny Mercinae control of herself. If you do not free all the Mercinaen locations NOW we will be forced to tace far more forceful action.

Isildur, Baron of the Great City of Mercinae.