Mystic Seeing Stone

Derillion, Star Weaverto Mage Lord Tragnarion

Well Tragnarion, you might have the job of protecting the Mystic Seeing Stone, but I have the job of protecting the Seeing Stone of Nostradamus. This is MY sworn duty as High Priest to the god of the stars. I have said it before and I will say it again, I will NOT sit by and watch anyone erode my Lords Seeing Stone. ANY and ALL locations bonded will be retaken by me at all costs, even if it means being attacked by you.

I only offer the Mystics a mean by which their stone will be as powerful as the stone owned by the god of the stars. If the powers that be in Mercinae do not wish to have the Mystic Seeing Stone enslaved (enabling it to have influence over 2000+ locations) then I shall ensure that it NEVER expands beyond it's own room.

Derillion, Star Weaver, For Nostradamus