Mystic Seeing stone

Derillion, Star Weaverto Mage Lord Tragnarion

Tragnarion, I am the High Priest of Nostradamus, the god of the stars, and as such have the responsibility to maintain and expand the Stone of Stones, the Seeing stone belonging to my Lord. It is my sworn duty to protect the influence of this stone and I will continue to do so. I will not sit idly by and watch its sphere of influence be drained by a new guild.

Merlin, Chaos, Nivlock, I offer you this... The Stone of Stones has influence over more than 2500 locations and continues to expand. This influence has been obtained through years of hard work by me and many before me. As you well know, your own stones maintains an influence over a far lesser amount of locations. Allow the stone to remain enslaved to the Stone of Stones and you will have full access to the 2500 locations. You will have no responsibility to expand locations. I shall do that. If there is an area needing bonding, you need only ask and it shall be done.

But heed this warning, free the stone or attempt to expand the influence and I shall not rest until all my locations have been regained. It is a simple choice... full access to all of Avalon or none at all.