LAW and Stuff

Initiate Skedricto Everyone

1) LAW and ORDER, I think all is needed is a bit of sheduling, if someone feels agrieved they speak to a baron a trial is sheduled for the next time that say 3 barons the defendant and the prosecutor are online. Justice is handed out there and then by the Barons (if they can't hack it who can ?) No major enhancements to the system are neccassary the first step is for the barons to agree on offences and penalties. And then start enforcing 2) Skills I agree that spell effects should be proportional too skill and level, but I think they are. One of the problems is it is too easy to earn training 'credits' I thought perhaps 4-6 lessons per hour's play. ( The sense of achievement Mastering charming without access to a 'mobile' tutor was extraordinary) Skedric