Macros, Prince of Darknessto Mage Lord Tragnarion

As you know Tragnarion. We are the elite. I am fortunate enough to be permitted into the order of The Diabolus. Despite the best attempts of almost everyone on Avalon (often all at once), we still exist. Not only do we exist. We prosper. There are no sacks of dead weight in the order of The Diabolus. This you know. That is why you had to follow another. I do not need to hide behind a big group in a fight. Or a God. We who follow The Diabolus can stand alone. You can all keep trying. Even with the aid of other (lesser) gods such as Orthwein to heal your afflictions and no doubt provide you with an endless stream of aid, we shall still prevail. Bow now and save yourselves further suffering. Join the with Evil before it destroys you. And maybe, one day in the distant future, you may be worthy to join the Elite order of The Diabolus.