Brother Ganymede, Watcher of the Skiesto Prudence

Thankyou for your congratulations Prudence. I feel I must add some correcttions to your previous mail though 1. Not logging in during the whole campaign - patently untrue, I think you are forgetting that during the challenge I was diabarred from entering the Couuncil Chambers and was therefore unable to perform any actions on Thakria's behalf. You only need to look at the parlous state of the magic shop to see the add effect of your ill-advised challenge. I will now continue as before, working hard on Thakria's behalf - after all, actions speak louder than words, which is all you had to support your campaign

By the way, don't you think its a bit presumptious to ask me to open a shop for you immediately after challenging me ?

Brother Ganymede, Loremaster and Loyal Servant of Thakria.