Macros, Prince of Darknessto Mage Lord Tragnarion

Erm... What can I say about your 2nd to last BB? How about... Bollocks? Yes. That seems to fit the bill quite well. Let me see... sorcerers hide behind their demons... hmm. We are cowardly for doing so... hmm. Is this a member of the \"barricade ourselves in a room with twenty rituals\" brigade speaking (Eshkadeth and Aerynius are other notable members)? Seem pretty cowardly to me. Shaitan is right. You lust for power as do we and yet we are the more open about it. Face it, you would all be sorcerers if you thought for one moment that you could survive all the attacks you would receive as such. You know that you cannot. Therefore you settle for the safe option with a lesser degree of power at the end. The only one of you lot who can fight out and about one to one with even a reject sorcerer is Calladan and perhaps Garet. The rest of you? Pah! Speak not of cowardice to me Mage Tragnarion (or did they kick you out). Finally. That damn moose of yours. It was only worth 20 gold in my cauldron. You should feed it