Greetings Mighty Isildur. We seem to have met very little in our quests for life in this land but I have listened too many who say that you are fair and wise. Might I draw you attention to the fact that Conan did spend sometime not too far in the past killing and attacking every weak character in the land. His Cowardice is well know and his crimes even more so. You have chosen to protect someone who seems to be an enemy of almost everyone of a level Stalward and below. Im sure they will be most eager to gain some small measure of recompence for Conans acts. I trust and hope that in your judicial ways he is not being protected to gain such a level to be able to vicimise the weak once again. As for protection against the Necromancers Conan seems to be about the level they most like to attack as they are perhaps the most cowardly in the land. Bewarned however Conan no not, under the protection of your peers, attack me or any other members of the Seers else you will BURN for doing so. Rhann, for Thakria, Periam

and Nostradamus