Firstly I do not slay people for disagreeing or being disrespectful. But if someone choses to insult me and Conan by suggesting I am nursemaiding him then I will not simply ignore it.

Secondly If you care to read what justice stands for you will see that it includes a willingness to defend the virtuous against the aggressor. I am defending Conan. Since I could not always be there to defend him in person I have simply stated that if anyone does attack him they will pay very dearly Since those I named are not fools, and would not wish to exist with but 520 health I am sure that conan will be safe for the next two weeks. To avoid any confusion or excuses that \"Conan attacked me first\" I will kill anyone for harming him. I am sure that Kiall and the others are more than capable of avoiding him.

Isildur, Highpriest of Justice.