New Lines

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

We are considering fitting four more lines to Avalon on a different telephone number (081 968 2400) for modems which do 300/300, 1200/1200 and 2400/2400 only. The main problem with installing new lines is the charges, and we can ill afford such additions. However, we have come up with a method of perhaps covering the charges of more installation. Basically we will have two charging rates. The current base rate of 25p/hour will remain as it is on the 0333 numbers - we are not keen on raising charges at this time. However, the 2400 number, which will be used when the 0333 is busy, will have a higher charge, say 50p/hour, Users would therefore have the choice of knowing that either they do not want to pay the higher rate, and wait for a free 0333 line, or calling on the 2400, knowing there are at least 8 other users on, and paying the higher charge. Phew! Anyway, we would be interested to know what you would do in such a circumstance - say the 0333 was full, and the 2400 were available but at the higher rate:

2 credits per hour. Would you use it? Genesis