In theory, yes players should be able to take out troops from other cities and hance liberate villages and break battlements... However due to the nature of this game, someone is always going to find a way to kill these troops while putting themselves at negligable risk... People do it all the time with other hard mobiles... And hence it would rather trivialise city politics and battles to the extent where nobody would ever bother doing it because the chances of you holding a battlement for 30 hours would become quite unrealistic.

I am opposed to the idea of players being able to batter troops. After all... the troops are hardly going to split themselves up and send out a party to chase you down once the going gets too tough and you decide to step outside the battlement for a few minutes to heal up! I just can't see it working, and I think it would destroy an important part of city interaction... After all cities invading villages has absolutely negligable effect on normal citizens, so why should they have the right to do anything about it?

Nostradamus, Patron of Thakria