Baronial Elections

Prudence of Mercinaeto Everyone

Vanion has stood down, but it seems that Sturm has won the day as his votes far exceed mine. Once again I can only protest that Castigere were he around would not have allowed this as Sturm would not be able to put in the hourse and service that I do as Baroness.

I must say the voting all be it from \"NEW\" (Cough) citizens does stick in my throat after all the time and effort I have put into Mercinae to the detriment of Prudence's personal finances. Prudence has seen her fortune dwindle rapidly since becoming baroness as 99% of time in avalon was spent with Mercinae and not in gaining gold. It is a sad day for me and I fear a sad day for Mercinae Still voters are a fickle bunch. Ijust have to content myself with laughing at all the moaning citizens in a couple of months time when the stalls are not stocked and there isnt a baron on to help them, then I can say to them \"I TOLD U SO! \"