Baronial Elections

Prudence of Mercinaeto Everyone

It appears that I was wrong in accusing Sturm of being the principal candidate in standing against me, although he was still wrong to question me as he was the first to concede that I do a good job as Baroness of Mercinae. It appears that the principle in all of this is Vanion (come on you remember vanion, used to be a parrian) and now all of a sudden is a Citizen of Mercinae, I'am also shocked to find that most of Vanions supporters are newly qualified novices, draw from that what you will !

In any case, I urge all citizens to vote for me, as... 1) I play Avalon more often than Vanion does. 2) Vanion has only been a citizen for a while and has not proven himself. 3) I have more experience of Barional workings than Vanion does.

It would be disasterous for Mercinae were Vanion to be elected. And it looks as if he will with the help of these \"NEW\" players. I urge Genesis as stand-in patron of Mercinae to act for the good.