Nostradamus, god of the starsto Everyone

I must agree... I have just taken a look at the Avalon section and I am very impressed. As soon as I have upload access the latest version of AvPlay shall be available there, which is version 1.17 which (... wait for it...) lets you DEFINE THE KEYPAD!!!

Although the Avalon section there is completely FREE and you never have to subscribe, there seems to be much on offer over there, so I for one will be subscribing. It is amazingly cheap... Something like 20 pounds a year. (About a weeks worth of Avalon for some people).

I will be reading messages there regularly, and I urge more far reaching debates, quieries and any problems/questions you have which are not always completely approapriate to post here to be posted over there.

Nostradamus, god of the stars.

Minerva BBS : 081-402-3350 (Avalon support area FREE for Avalon users)