Knights Guildmaster

Sir Eldweissto Everyone

I write this message for all to read, though it mostly concerns a Guild issue for all Knights, especially Conan.

I asked Conan to put forward himself a Knight and Leader of the Guild. Having read his guild messages I can say I am rather proud of this man. He has put forward well his thought of the men of war. I must agree with every point of his belief of the honour of the Knight.

It is a pity, perhaps even a disgrace, Palin has removed Conan from the guild due to him putting forward his wish of becoming Guildmaster. Palin has put forward no explanation for removal, therefore I will see Palins only wish to be hold a position for Guildmaster for the mere power. I am rather disgusted. I would have thought a man of justice would demand fair play especially when in such a position of power.

Conan is a clearly the better man. He has put foward motions I have been asking for months, but have been ignored. I have seen Cavaliers grow to be a powerfull force of Avalon, while the Knights stay an idle and weak army.