The Animists' Herb Shop

Fiorella the little flower gardenerto Everyone

On logging on this evening, I was astonished to find the shop totally empty of herbs. Previously, I had thought the shop thief-proof, apart from the possibility of one with the right to enter letting another in. I should appreciate it if anyone who noticed the shop empty before I logged on (about 10pm) would message me with the time they saw it empty.

The shop has now been largely restocked, with the exception of one herb, Ucklice, which will grow in only one location in all Avalon. Someone has picked all the growing stock, and I had no essence with me to evoke any replacement. Since the location is hard to reach, and even more difficult if I don't try immediately after logging on, it may be a very long time before there is any more Ucklice growing in Avalon...