Conteck, of Avalon Generalto Miss Prudence (Gold)

I find your rule unacceptable for two reasons, one personal, one guild.

The personal reason is as mentioned in my previous BB, I need cash and have no need for any goods you are selling.

The guild reason is that we the animists have a shop. If you insist that all sales to the merchant must equal purchases from your stalls then people will have no money left to buy from my guilds shop.

Does this not also strike at the heart of all free enterprise in Avalon? For by induction the same can be said of all player owned shops as well.

I can only conclude that Mercinae has become a comunist dictatorship and that private enterprise is frowned on.

As a pacifist, I can take no action agaist you, but I can take deliberate inaction and will not be using either your merchant or your stalls in the near future.

If sufficient non-barons agree, perhaps we can starve the cities of labour and abolish this absurd policy.

Conteck, animist and free-marketeer.