Mercinae's new Policy

Derillion, Star Weaverto Everyone

OK, so how many of you can read between the lines??? This is not a policy set to help all Avalonian; it is policy set to increase the treasury of Mercinae. Granted, now you can sell all you wish to the Small Store, but only if you buy the EXACT amount from the Mercinaean stalls. well my fellow countrymen, this policy will only increase the treasury of Merciane since the economic multiplier usually runs 100 to 300 percent higher for purchases than it does for sales. To put it simply, if you sell items and get 100 gold from the Merchant, Mercinae loses 200 gold. When you buy 100 gold worth of items from the stalls Mercinae MAKES 200-350 gold for her treasury (depending upon the multiplier which usually runs higher than the lose percentage). Hence, only Mercinae gains from this new policy and once again, her citizens are left out in the cold.

AS Thakria has always maintained that purchased from the stalls will decrease your sales to the merchant, it seems logical that Thakria is still, and always will be, the place to shop. There is no place for Rhetoric and semantical games in Thakria. But it seems like Mercinae thrives on them. Derillion, Star Weaver, For Nostradamus, For Periam, For Thakria...