Merchant Policies

Nostradamus, god of the starsto Miss Prudence

Well done Prudence for managing to find another way to word the rule that all three cities are having to enforce. I do believe under current Thakrian law if you were to spend all you made from the merchant on Thakrian stalls you would also not be punished, no matter what the amount. You obviously did not sit there and think long and hard enough, because I cannot believe I am the only one to see what a complete blowout that last BB message of yours was.

To repeat: It has always, and will be for the near future anyway Thakrian Law that under the Trading Restrictions Act, any purchases FROM THAKRIAN stalls will be taken off your daily accumulator. I believe this basically amounts to what Prudence is offering anyway, but has always been the case.

Nostradamus, patron of Thakria