Baronships and the elections

Kobyashito Everyone
Like a typical politician Hornet is making offers that he cannot  hope to fulfil. The tax rate in Mycenae is already very low. The City is run quite  efficently.  As a Baron I am ready and very eager to please citizens by satisfying  requests or by listening to suggestions. I dont get any requests or suggestions therefore the conclusion is that on the whole Mycenaens are reasonably happy with their City. For any candidate to suggest that the city is poorly run is a slight to the existing Barons, who TOGETHER make decisions concerning the  Tax rate , merchant profit margins and Stall prices. One baron does not take it upon him or herself to make these changes. Mycenae is a democracy So, to inform everyone.:- The Tax rate in Mycenae is 20%                           The Merchant is paying full price for everything
                           (dont be mislead by what value you get when
                           something is probed.)
                           The Stalls are full to over flowing.
                           I personally will be happy to listen to any
                          requests from citizens as to additional lines
                           that could be sold on the stalls.

Kobyashi Mage and Baron of Mycenae