My kill

Aerianto Elfish, the Elf-Eared

Elfish you claim my kill was unjustified. Iwould like to know why you say this. My reason for attacking Rhann was because I was an enemy of Thakria and Rhann is a Baron. Why is this an unjustified kill?

So Elfy, you are saying people can be made enemies of cities and have it's guards to attack you on sight and yet you cannot attack the Barons of the city.

Furthermore you said it was unjustified for me to kill a Seer just because of political reasons.

Well my dear friend let me put this question to you. When is it justified to attack someone?

Don't tell me, you attack somone after you have been slain. Why can I not be the aggressor and attack first? This unjustified attack thing will just go round and round.

I am not allowed to attack someone because it isn't justified, the person that attacks me is not justified in attacking me etc.....