Thakrian Magic Stall (Centre of Thak Sq)

Cuchulain, the Houndto Everyone

Thakria's magic stall is now (due to popular demand) stocking Meditation potions. These superb elixirs will double the speed of your medding when quaffed. They are Green in colour and a snip at 95gp.

This is in addition to the traditional potions of: Allheale (White) , Mana (Sparkling) , Adrenalin (Pink), Levitation (Clear) , Diffusion (Magenta), Fire Resistance (Red), Life (Grey), Innersight (Luminous), Health (Blue).

All these are priced at 95gp. Any other potion can be obtained from myself, and if you would like to see another potion (or rune etc) on sale, MSG me.

Baron Cuchulain